Childbearing and paid work

Interdependencies between childbearing and women’s paid work in an international perspective constitute the main area of my expertise. I examined the role of women’s involvement in paid work on their childbearing behaviours and the impact of parenthood on women’s labour market outcomes. I have also studied the role of the social context (family and employment policies, gender role attitudes or economic conditions) in affecting women’s labour market outcomes in connection with motherhood. One of my noteworthy contributions in this research area is the quantitative social indicator which assesses country-specific conditions for work and family reconciliation in Europe quantitatively. This publication, co-authored by D. Weziak-Bialowolska, was distinguished by the Springer Nature for providing groundbreaking scientific findings with a potential to “change the world” and “help the humanity”. Currently I am interested in studying how the dynamic labour market transformation driven by technological change affect women’s labour market outcomes. 

Major publications: